Storm area 51 and its mysteries

Storm area 51 and its mysteries

Area 51 is a highly secure U.S. air base located in the remote Nevada desert, officially known as Homey Airport, but whose now famous name comes from CIA documents that refer to it by the code name Area 51.

The exact purpose of this air base is not publicly known, and access to the area is severely restricted, if not strictly impossible.

To be quite precise, what we have just said is not really true: "officially", since the US Air Force was forced to indirectly acknowledge its existence in 2013, this area and base are known to serve as open-air test areas for the US Air Force.

Zone 51 carte et entrée

The secrecy surrounding it has led conspiracy theorists to suggest that extraterrestrial secrets are being held in this area, as many UFO sightings in its vicinity have been reported for decades (note that all have perfectly "plausible" official explanations). There are also theories suggesting that hand-picked engineers with very high security clearances are examining crashed spaceships. There are even reports of meetings being held at Area 51 in collaboration with extraterrestrials from all over the galaxy.

The person who set the powder keg on fire is named Bob Lazar. We invite you to read our exciting articles about him. This person has divulged that he has been working on alien reverse engineering at Area 51. His story is extremely controversial despite the many disturbing facts that accompany it.

How is Area 51 related to the Aliens?

The Roswell incident is one of the most controversial UFO theories in U.S. history and its history seems to be strongly linked to this secret military base located at Area 51.

In July 1947, the army announced in a press release that it had found the remains of a flying saucer that had been crushed in the desert. The next day, the army retracted its statement and announced that it was in fact a damaged US Air Force balloon.

Sheriff Jess Slaughter and Deputy Sheriff Charles Fogus were on duty in a patrol car on the night of the alleged incident. On their police radio they heard reports of a plane that had crashed. They decided to get to the scene as soon as possible.

In his interview, Deputy Sheriff Fogus even said that he saw a flying saucer that had hit a riverbed and that the flying object was "30 metres in diameter".

crash roswell

Describing the scene, he said, "When we arrived, the place was overrun with soldiers. They were carrying a large creature. The bodies of the smaller ones must have been five feet high. I saw legs and feet on some of them. They looked like our feet."

Some suggest that Area 51 is where parts of that alien flying device that crashed are stored. Its living alien inhabitants would be held on the secret base and cooperate with US authorities. The bodies of the aliens who perished in the crash would even be autopsied there...

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